Frequently asked shutter, awning and blind questions

Have a query about our blind, awning or shutter specifications or how to maintain them once they’re installed? We provide the answer to some of our most frequently asked questions. Don’t see your question? Get in touch today.

A. The recommended maximum dimensions for Ziptrack® blinds made of sunscreen mesh are 4,500mm wide by 3,500mm high. The recommendation for clear PVC is 4,000mm wide by 3,000mm high.
A. Yes, but you will need to divide the opening using either a fixed or removable post. The Ziptrak® removable blind can be uninstalled and removed in 60 seconds.
A. Ziptrack® offers a fully enclosed pelmet made of cast aluminium end plates and a Colorbond sheet metal cover, which can be ordered from our sheet metal fabricator.
A. From us! We have pull-down clips, pull-down rings and springs available at our Maryland showroom.
A. Follow these easy steps: Gently hose down the blinds. Using a soft broom and a small amount of dishwashing liquid, soap up the blinds. Rinse thoroughly and let them dry. Spray with a VuPlex plastic cleaner, protectant and polish, available for purchase at our showroom.
A. We recommend VuPlex for its ability to prolong the life of blinds. Polishing PVC with VuPlex helps to clean and protect the material from crazing (cracking), yellowing and oxidising. It coats the blind with a thin microfilm layer of protectant to seal the pores of the plastic, which results in less cleaning. VuPlex is also anti-static.
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